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  ROC Comet Box Camera

The Comet Camera was introduced in 1896 by the Rochester Optical Company. The design was essentially a new version of the Handy camera. Capable of taking exposures 4 x 5 inches in size. It was fitted with an ROC single achromatic lens for general work. The lens is accompanied by a safety shutter, which when setting, the lens always remains covered and avoids the danger of accidentally exposing the plate. It is set by turning a small milled head on the front of the camera. Speed is adjusted by a brass level on top. Time exposures are made with the time lever on the side. Two view finders and tow tripod plates are provided for vertical or horizontal images. A full size ground glass screen is provided for focusing and can be viewed by opening the hinged panel in the back. There is space provided in the back to accommodate three double plate holders. The Comet camera measures 5 3/8 x 7 x 9 1/4 inches, slightly smaller than the handy camera. Originally priced at $9.00.

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