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Newman & Guardia Long Focus Reflex Camera

The Newman & Guardia Long Focus Reflex Camera was manufactured from 1902. It is sometimes refereed to as simply the Reflex or self focusing camera. The camera was built on the structure of the universal box cameras and specifically designed to meet the requirements of naturalists, artists and travelers. A hand or tripod camera that can accommodate plates, cut films or daylight film spools.

Although any lens could be used, this camera was fitted with Zeiss Double Protar Anastigmat with 2 foci. Normal focus is 6.5 inch at f6.3 and long focus is 11.5 inches at f12.5.

Features included a double extension front with focus to 1 foot, vertical and horizontal rising front, a detachable focal plane shutter with speed 1/10 - 1/800 seconds, central rack and pinion, two special T-levels, The changing box, and extra screen are enclosed and protected.

The Long Focus Reflex Camera was available in three sizes including a quarter-plate; a half plate and a 5 x 4 inch size.

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