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Newman & Guardia De Luxe Camera

datasheet_loginThe Newman & Guardia De Luxe Camera was manufactured from approximately 1905 to 1922. Designed as the outcome of fourteen years of constant evolution and improvement over the universal camera for modern photography combining simplicity and low cost at two-thirds its size and half its weight. Its name derived not from the use of useless precious metals or ornamental features but adds increased facilities for doing good work and obtaining a greater variety of results in which every advanced amateur will appreciate. This camera is particularly well adapted for wide angle or telephoto work.

Like other N&G cameras, this camera was able to be fitted with any lens desired, however it was provided, and best fitted with a Zeiss Series VIIa, no. 4 double Protar lens with 2 foci, f6.3. Includes a new form of high precision, metal shutter working between lens combinations with hermetically-closed pneumatic regulation, with variable-travel level, allowing exact adjustment to any speeds, from 1 to 1/200 of a second. This shutter includes time exposures or instantaneous exposures with finger or pneumatic release.

The De Luxe is made in two versions, an open back and a closed back. The open back pattern takes all the plate or film changing devices which N&G has introduced. The closed back pattern with dark focusing chamber takes either the special N&G changing boxes for 8 plates or films and a focusing screen in position, or special N&G changes boxes for 12 plates or film (or for 24 films) without a screen.

The features are similar to the Special Pattern B universal camera, including a rising front both vertical and horizontal, rotating back allowing the camer to be held in the same position, finder and T-level, marked finder with scales, double extension, screen focusing with closed back, depth of field index, strong leather handle with hadnd made fitting and tripod socket.

In 1908 the Open-back pattern was priced at � 30 and the closed-back pattern priced at � 32.

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