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Newman & Guardia Twin Lens Pattern Camera

The Newman & Guardia Twin Lens Pattern Camera was manufactured from 1892 to at least past 1910. The camera was available in three sizes, a 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 (7 lbs.), a 5 x 4 (8.5 lbs) and a 9 x 12 centimeter (8 lbs). It was basicly the Pattern A camera with a n&G focusing device mounted on the top. The focusing lens was accurately paired with the same focal length and construction, so as to provide a an image full size and identical in every respect with the picture on the plate is seen in the focusing device.

Fitted with a Wray f8.0 or a Zeiss Anastigmat f6.3 lens. A high efficiency shutter, working between the lens combinations, with iris diaphragm, made entirely of metal, hermetically closed pneumatic regulation providing exposure speeds from 1/2 to 1/100 of a second, in addition to time exposures. Provides both hand and pneumatic release.

Features included automatic self cap, two connected spring doors, N&G detachable changing box for plates or films, two special T-levels, special full sized image focusing device, two small N&G finders, special focusing screen, central rack and pinion movement, focusing scale engraved from two yards to infinity, horizontal rising front, double extension.

Constructed of well-seasoned mahogany with cross-tongued wood wrok, covered with real black morocco leather of best quality, special wired handle for strength and durability, broad canvas sling with steel swivels, and a tripod screw with bushings.

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