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Sunart Box Camera

datasheet_loginThe Sunart Box camera was manufactured by the Sunart Photo Company of Rochester, New York from approximately 1893 to 1900. Advertising indicated that the working parts are so simple, a child can operate them.

Designed to take 4 x 5 inch exposures on cut sheet films without reloading. the Sunart was fitted with A magazine cartridge capable of accepting 24 cut film. Small in size measuring 5 5/8 inches wide by 6 3/4 inches high and 10 !/2 inches long. Constructed of wood and covered in seal grain morocco leather with a convenient handle for carrying. Comes with two finders, covering the same field of view as the lens. Fitted with a Bausch & Lomb rapid rectilinear lens that covers a 4x5 image to the extreme edge. Complete with rotating stops and an improved shutter that permits being reset without exposing the film for either time or instantaneous exposure. Priced at $45.00 in 1895.

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