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No. 1 Brownie Camera by Eastman Kodak Co.

The No. 1 Brownie was manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company form 1900 to 1916. This is the first of the brownies that started the entire line of the popular camera. Originally produced as a simple camera for children, however it made such good pictures that it was used by grown-ups as an inexpensive camera. This prompted larger sizes to be made and a full product line. It was constructed of card board and capable of taking 2 1/4 inch square images on No. 117 roll film. Features included a meniscus lens and a rotary shutter taking time or snap-shot exposures. focusing was accomplished by aligning a V-shaped lines at the top, but an optional detachable view finder was available for an added cost of 25 cents. Approximately 500,00 cameras were manufactured and it was originally priced at $1.00.

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