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No. 4 Eastman Plate Camera

datasheet_loginThe No. 4 Eastman Plate Camera Series C and Series D were manufactured from 1901 to 1903. Designed strictly for plates similar to earlier cameras of the late 1800s but with improved high quality construction and materials. The body was made from aluminum with mahogany wood inserts in the bed, and highly nickeled hardware, which enhanced the overall quality. The Series D model is identical to the Series C model however it had a three and a half inch longer bellows. These cameras were capable to taking images 4 x 5 inches. Features included, a double extension bellows, spring actuated reversible backs, double swing from center, rising - falling and sliding front with automatic lock, rack and pinion, folding ground glass shade, rapid rectilinear lens and unicom shutter, reversible brilliant reversible finder, eastmans patent non collapsing bellows, spirit level, and tripod socket. Originally priced at $76.50 for the C model and $81.50 for the D model. A plastigmat lens was also an available option for more.

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