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Brownie Starflash Camera

datasheet_loginThe Brownie Starflash Camera was manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company form 1957 to 65. Designed as a point and shoot camera in the Art Deco style. Constructed of rugged plastic with a built-in flash holder and reflector, and a built-in view finder directly above the lens. It was fitted with a fixed focus lens. Able to be daylight loaded with color or black and white no. 127 roll film, for capturing twelve exposures 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch in size. A lever below the lens adjusted the camera between color and black and white photos. The large negative size was described as providing 60% more picture area then a 35mm camera. Both photographs and slides could be taken. Additional features included a safety shutter preventing double exposure and a carry strap. The camera required an M-2 flash bulb. The smartly styled brownie Starflash camera came in many colors including Black, Red, White, and Blue. The outfit was originally priced at $9.95 and included the camera, batteries, four flash bulbs, and one roll 127 Verichrome film.

Photo by Steve Harwood - © Some Rights Reserved

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