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Vive Camera Company History

datasheet_loginIn approximately 1893 the Vive Camera company was established. However, the earliest advertising found for Vive cameras only dates to 1895. The Vive company was listed as Manufacturers of camera and photographic supplies and advertised as being established at 153 La Salle St., Chicago Illinois. E.C. Patterson was president and advertising manager of the Company and J.L. Atwater of Western Springs, Ill was the vice-president.

Around 1897 they moved the home office a few blocks away to the north west corner of State and Washington streets, Chicago Illinois. At that time they also had a office in new York at 621 Broadway.

In 1898 they began selling Vive's outside the US in London located at No. 19 Regent House, Regent Street, W., London were they were also newly represented the Seed Dry Plate Company and the New York record plate company. Canadian Agencies were established in Ontario with J.G. Ramsay & Co, in Toronto; Quebec R.F. Smith, in Montreal; Manitoba Geo S Dingle, Winnipeg

In 1898 the Vive company was briefly joined by Ernst Gundlach, for less than a year, and the company incorporated and advertised cameras with the gundlach lens.

In 1899 Vive Company joined the Photographic Manufacturers Association of America, lead by Mr WI Lincoln Adams as the president, MB Hoyt secretary and FH Hoge treasurer. The association included the Scovill & Adams Company of New York, John Carbutt, Willis & Clements, the Bullard Camera Company, the Manhattan Optical Company, the Kozy Camera Company, Defender Photo Supply Company, Gundlach Optical Company, New York Dry Plate Company and G Gennert. This association was in response to the forming of the Rochester Optical Camera Company by major camera manufacturers to compete with Kodak.

In 1902 the Vive Camera Company Office in New York Dissolved and the home office moved to Western Springs, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago and the business continually declined.

In approximately 1908 all Operations of the Vive Camera Company ended.

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