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Waterbury Detective Camera by Scovill Mfg. Co.

- Timed and Instantaneous Photograph This is the only Detective Camera which is at well adapted for making views as for photographing quickly moving objects The negatives produced are of such sharpness that they may be enlarged to almost any size It is in fact
- The Only Detective Camera made with plate for tripod and ground glass the full size of the plate just as in an ordinary view camera This ground glass is where it cannot easily be broken
- The recessed finder is fitted to the WATERBURY CAMERA and it differs from finders ordinarily supplied in that it shows the tame image as is included on the ground glass though diminished in size
- The I east Trouble of any hand camera because you can have the negatives developed and the finished pictures delivered directly after making the exposures by sending them to a photographic printer Where there is no waiting and uncertainty there will be no worry The
- Instantaneous Lens in this Camera is not of the universal focus distorting nondescript character but works with such rapidity and is of such uniform excellence that it has added greatly to the popularity of this Camera
- The Focusing Adjuster is beside the Finder

Leather Covered 4x5 Waterbury Detective Camera with 2 Double Plate Holders $25 00

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