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Triad Detective Camera by Scovill Mfg. Co.

The Triad Detective Camera was manufactured by the Scovill manufacturing company in circa 1892. The Triad was designed for those who want to use celluloid instead of glass plates and are not willing to trust to good luck in the exposure of the complete roll of film we offer with the TRIAD camera. The Triad a double film holder which is very light. If the amateur carries six of these holders loaded with twelve films he is well supplied for one day. At night either in a photographic studio or in his own hotel room the exposed films may be put away into safe receptacles and another lot of unexposed films substituted for them.

The TRIAD Camera is fitted with the latest improved Roll Holder for continuous films, two double holders for glass plates or two double film holders, if the latter are preferred. This Camera is fitted with an Instantaneous Rapid Group Lens with easily interchangeable diaphragms, the most satisfactory detective camera lens ever made. It has a finder so constructed that the image is the same as that on the ground glass, though of course it is proportionately diminished in size. Usually the finder in a Detective Camera shows simply the image on the plate, but not its relative size and proportions. The Instantaneous Shutter in this camera is provided with a speed adjuster which works from the outside and the focusing device and scale are conveniently near the finder. This is very important when one is trying to photograph rapidly moving objects. For timed exposures use a tripod (easily adjusted to the camera by the plate underneath), open the door at the back, so that the image on the ground glass can be easily seen, set the shutter with the opening opposite the lens and bring into use the cap which fits the opening in front of the camera. By complying with these simple requirements you have a complete camera for timed exposures.

The 4 x 5 Triad Camera with Roll Holder two Double Dry Plate Holders or two Cut Film Holders priced at $35.00 in 1892.

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