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Tourist's Pocket Camera by American Optical

When folded up a 4x5 Tourists Camera measures but 5 x 6 x 2 inches and it is without any projecting parts pins or screws so that it may be slipped into and not tear a gentleman's pocket The rods which are used to move forward the front of the camera are easily detached from it and drawn out of the bed. The connector at the other end of the rods is just as readily unset. To replace these three parts when the camera is brought out for service requires no more time or skill than to take them off. They are nicely adjusted and are polished and nickel plated so that they add to the handsome appearance of the camera and contrast well with its polished mahogany surface and the purple hue of its bellows. The weight of this camera and its dry plate holder (but 1 1/2 pounds for the 4x5 size) is on the center of the tripod. In focusing the front of the camera and the lens are pushed forward thus avoiding any disarrangement of the focusing cloth. When the focus is obtained further movement of the lens is checked or stopped by means of a screw acting on a spring which is pressed at the ends against the focusing rods.

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