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Advill Camera by Scovill Mfg.

The Advill Camera was manufactured by Scovill Manufacturing Company from approximately 1890 to 1894. Designed and advertised to compete with the new Kodak camera with roll film. Advertisements described the directions with three similar steps, Set the shutter - touch the release - and move the indicator. The camera address the problem of having to take 100 photos before developing the film. So the Advill Cameras made for either twelve or eighteen cut films.

The photographic Times of 1890 wrote - CD FREDRICKS the famous New York Photographer sends us some specimens made with the 4x5 Advill camera. These photographs in every way justify the reputation both of the famous photographer and we say no less famous camera-

Each film carrier has a number corresponding to a similar number on the outside of the camera. After exposing one film move the indicator along from one number to the next number to get the exposed film out of the way and the unexposed film into place. The camera is fitted with an Instantaneous Lens which has an arrangement connected with it for changing the stops in the Lens without opening the camera. The shutter is arranged for both timed and instantaneous exposures. Attached to the leather covered case there is a recessed finder.

Prices in 1891

No 1 for 12 4 x 5 Films $25.00
No 2 for 18 4 x 5 Films $25.00
No 3 for 12 4 x 5 Glass Plates $25.00

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