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Pocket Poco Model A Camera

The Pocket Poco A was manufactured by the Rochester Optical and Camera Company from approximately 1902 to 1903. It was essentially the same design as the Monroe No.1 Vest Pocket Camera that was produced starting in 1897 and most likely shared between the new ROCC merged companies in 1899. The camera was constructed of cherry wood and covered in seal grain leather. It took 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 inch photos, ideal for photographs or lantern slides. The collapsing design provided a very compact pocket camera and the self locking struts made it easy to open and take photos quickly. The camera is fitted with a Baush and Lomb achromatic lens of fixed focus and a time and instantaneous shutter. Equipped with a reversible view finder and two tripod sockets. Price in 1903 was $5.

Photo by Rob Niederman - © All Rights Reserved

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