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Cycle Poco No. 5 by Rochester Camera Mfg. Co

The Cycle Poco No. 5 was manufactured by the Rochester Camera Mfg. Co. from approximately from 1895 through 1905. Designed to incorporate the features of earlier Cycle Pocos at a low price and is especially adapted to landscape photography.

The camera was constructed of a solid mahogany wood box that is dovetailed and highly polished, covered with the best seal grain leather with an accompanying leather handle, polished and lacquered brass metal hardware, and a red Russian leather bellows lined with gossamer cloth. The detachable back featured a a spring actuated ground glass screen with a panel for focusing. The front featured a rising and falling adjustment. Two tripod sockets were provided along with a combination Poco view finder. The lens was a rapid rectilinear with a GEM Shutter finger and pneumatic release. Available in 4 x 5 and 5 x 7 sizes and priced in 1902 at $10 and$15 respectively.

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