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Century Grand Studio Outfit No. 3

Mfg: Century Camera Company
Location: Rochester, New York
Model: Grand Studio Outfit No. 3
Category: Studio Camera
Production Dates: 1900 - 1907
Film: Glass Plates


The idea of meeting every possible requirement in the line of Studio Apparatus has prompted the introduction of several new Studio outfits. These, there is every reason to feel, will find the I same quick and hearty recognition which the Century No. 1 and the Century Grand Outfits received.

In the Century Studio Outfit No. 3 there will be found the same strict adherence to the established principle of Century quality, which means that in the production of low priced outfits the consideration of quality has by no means been lost sight of.

THE CAMERA. - The No. 3 Studio Outfit includes the new No. 3 8x10 Portrait Camera. This new 8xl0 Camera differs entirely from anything in this line heretofore offered and embodies every good and essential feature which long experience has proven desirable. To those to whom the matter of space is an item, its compactness will at once appeal.

It has an entirely new rack and pinion focusing device, a most convenient arrangement permitting of the finest and most accurate focusing This device has a binding screw which holds the camera in any desired place during exposure.

Vertical and horizontal swings are provided and these are entirely new as applied to this class off apparatus. The holder is made with our improved light proof curtain and is fitted for 8x10 plates, is reversible, and is also adapted for 5x7 plates. By adding kits, smaller plates may likewise be used. The camera is made of mahogany and cherry, with an exceptionally superior rubbed finish.

This camera permits of a wide range of work, and will certainly come as a surprise to many as offering so much for so little.

CAMERA STAND. � The Stand is the Century No. 3, made of hard wood with a mahogany stain. It is exceedingly firm and rigid. It is raised and lowered by a rack and pinion and held in place by an automatic lock. The top is provided with the regular Century Tilting Device and is covered with felt. All metal parts are beautifully oxydized. The Stand bears throughout every evidence of careful workmanship.

Reference for: 1902

Century Studio Outfit No. 3, including Portrait Camera No. 3, with Curtain Holder, and No. 3 Century Stand

8 x 10 $30.00

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