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Grand Studio Outfit with No. 2 Camera

Mfg: Century Camera Company
Location: Rochester, New York
Model: Grand Studio Outfit with No. 2 Camera
Production Dates: 1900 - 1907
Film: Glass Plates


THE CAMERA. - The Camera furnished with this outfit is the No. 2 Century Grand Portrait. This instrument is made of the finest selected mahogany and cherry: highly polished, the metal work being of lacquered brass. Both vertical and horizontal swings are provided, quickly operated by means of a pivot rack and pinion movement.

Focusing is rendered particularly easy by the employment of two large focusing knobs, one at either side of the camera, while the draw knob in the center locks the camera back in the required position. Another feature that adds much to the ease of operation is the Century method of supporting the camera back on small "V" metal rollers. This permits the back to be moved smoothly and easily without friction.

CENTURY AUTOMATIC CABINET ATTACHMENT. - This attachment is entirely different in design from any other, easier to operate, smoother in manipulation, lighter and more compact and positive in action.

The attachment consists of a wooden frame to which is adjusted a sliding carriage of sufficient length to accommodate a reversible curtain slide holder at one end and a ground glass screen at the other. One movement shifts the ground glass, places the holder in the exact position for exposure and withdraws the slide. Reversing the movement closes the curtain slide and places the ground glass screen in focusing position. Pressing a spring at the top of the sliding carriage adjusts the attachment so that two pictures may be made on one plate. The attachment will be supplied to take either 4 1/4 x 6 l/2, or 5 x 7 holders for either the 8x10 or the 11x14 camera.

For the 11x14 camera, a new attachment may be fitted taking 8x10 plates. This attachment is reversible and permits of two exposures on the 8x10 plate. The same holder may also be adapted for 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 plates, if this is desired, it should be so specified when ordering.

CAMERA STAND. - The Century Grand Outfit includes the No. 2 Century Stand. This stand is entirely new in design. The top of the stand is raised or lowered by means of a direct drive adjusting wheel. One revolution of the wheel is sufficient to raise or lower the camera three full inches. The tilting device for raising the back of the camera is marvelously simple and rapid in action. The clamping of the steel rod supporting the top is automatic. A light pressure of the thumb is all that is necessary when the top is to be lowered. The stand is fitted with rubber bound casters, and camera stand jack for holding stand rigid during exposure All metal parts beautifully oxidized. A mahogany rack, grooved to carry ten cabinet holders is conveniently attached to side of stand.

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