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Anthony Novelette Camera

Anthony introduced the Novel and Novelette cameras in 1886 to allow the user to revolve the entire back without infringing on Flammang's revolving back patent. The Novelette cameras were available in just about all sizes made. They are constructed of first quality, highly polished mahogany. They have single and double swing backs, cone bellows and folding beds. They were very light, compact and strong. Pictures can be taken either vertically or horizontally with ease and quickly. The rear part of the camera is separated from the bed by merely pushing it from left to right, the keyhole slots releasing the heads of the screws. The front of the bellows is arranged so as to revolve in a light framework which runs on the two hollow upright brass rods. When the rear of the camera is separated from the bed he entire bellows revolves at the same time as the rear. The whole operation of reversing a 5 x 8 camera requires but two seconds by the watch.

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