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Ascot Cycle No. 1 by E. & H.T. Anthony

The Ascot Cycle No. 1 by E. & H.T. Anthony was manufactured approximately from 1899 to 1910. It was a self casing camera for 4x5 Plates Or Cartridge Films. the Camera, when folded, occupies the smallest space of any camera on the market for a corresponding size of plate, measuring' only 6 X 5 X 1 1/2 inches. It is made of polished mahogany, and neatly covered in black leather, with strap handle. It is fitted with spring-actuated ground-glass, closed by a hinged panel in the back, single achromatic lens and shutter within the front, adjusted to either time or instantaneous exposures at different speeds. It is provided also with a brilliant view finder and pull focus and cloth- covered carrying case for camera and three holders. It has also a swivel stop to extension of front by which portraits, etc., may be made at short range. This device is not found on any other make of camera. It is without swing, and is provided with two tripod plates, making possible either upright or horizontal pictures, and is so arranged that the ground-glass may be removed and a cartridge roll holder substituted therefore. Original price for 1899 including one Double Holder and Cloth Covered Carrying Case, having capacity for three holders, $8.00.

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