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Anthony's Lilliput Detective Camera

The Lilliput Camera was manufactured by E. & H.T. Anthony. It was advertised as the handiest lightest and most easily handled detective camera ever put upon the market. In outward appearance it resembles a small hand bag being made of fine sole leather and fitted with a sling strap for convenience in carrying. It occupies a space only 4x4x6 inches and notwithstanding its small bulk carries six double holders which may be filled with glass plates or films and which are emptied and refilled by the operator himself precisely as if in a regular camera. The lens covers an angle of about 60 degrees and is adjusted to universal focus, always in readiness for use. The camera is worked without taking from the case and all mechanism is entirely concealed from view. The size of picture obtainable is 2 inches square and they may be either time or instantaneous exposures at will of the operator, the shutter having an adjustment for either the one or the other. Price including carrying case and strap, camera, lens, six double plate holders, twelve kits for same nine dozen celluloid films and ruby lantern $25.00 in 1891.

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