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Anthony's Fairy Camera

The fairy camera was manufactured from 1888 to 1902. The camera was designed for portability, compactness, strength and accuracy of its operation.. This combined with the beauty of the finely polished circassian walnut wood and the nickel plated metal work provides for a quality apparatus.

Several new features have been availed of in the construction of this Camera. The bed may be instantly rendered rigid, without the use of screws, by means of a brace of hooks that hold the two sections of the bed with great firmness.The rabbet commonly found on the plate holder is dispensed with, and is placed on the camera instead, thus saving the additional weight and the no inconsiderable item of bulk, amounting to nearly an inch, where the customary six double holders are carried. The camera is focused with a long continous metallic rack, cog whell and pinion, the latter being firmly held in position by a binding screw.

The camera is described in the Anthony book with the following features.

Strength - It is put together as rigidly as wood and metal will admit of, and the result is a camera of great strength.
Compactness - It occupies less space than any than any other view camera of the same capacity, except the Phantom and Novelette, and the plate holders are made of hardwood, with metal carriers for the plates, and fitted with all the later improvements.
Portability - When closed for carrying, it occupies very little space and is packed in a neat sole leather carrying case, which is provided with a shoulder strap.

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