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Anthony's PDQ Camera

The P. D. Q. Camera was manufactured from 1891 to 1899. It is a detective camera which accomplishes the object for which it was made and bears out its name, Photography Done Quickly. Capturing images with the least possible effort or loss of time, patience or temper.

The black leather covered box is adapted to the making of 4 X 5 pictures, either time or instantaneous, which may be taken either vertically or horizontally, and is provided with a finder which may be used for either position. Three patent double holders are supplied with each camera, one being our regular Zephyr double bolder for Dry Plates and the other two being our new patent double holders for Films, in which the popular Climax or other celluloid Cut Films may be used.

These double film holders are the most compact and durable that have ever been devised, being only three-eighths of an inch thick. This camera is fitted with a fine combination instantaneous achromatic landscape lens and a shutter of an entirely new design, which by its peculiar mechanism is always closed, except at the moment of exposure, the resetting being accomplished by a very simple but ingenious patented device, which requires only the movement of a lever to the right or left, as the case may be.

The manipulation of the shutter is wholly from the outside of the box, and it may be made to work with greater or less rapidity as desired. The mechanism of the entire instrument is most simple and effective. A new and valuable feature is the rear compartment of the camera, the cover of which may be removed, when there will be found a ground glass which is also removable, and which renders the camera perfectly suitable for ordinary portrait or landscape photography, where time exposures are required.

price in 1891 was $20.00

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