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Henry Clay 2d Camera by American Optical Co.

datasheet_loginThis 4x5 Camera is made of solid mahogany throughout, covered with the best morocco leather and finished with the best care. The Front Board, Bed and Finder are finely, finished, presenting a very handsome appearance. It is an easily adjusted folding camera (as will be seen in the illustration), containing three (j) double light weight holders in the back.
It is fitted with a self-adjusting Ground Glass and Frame, Cone Bellows, Adjustable View Finder, so that it can be used in either a horizontal or upright position, and contains a finely adjusted Rising Front Board with Single Swing. The Lens is a Single Achromatic Objective, specially made for this camera, and is capable of doing the very finest work. It is fitted with a metallic (Safety) Shutter with Pneumatic Release, for making both timed and instantaneous exposures, and also a set of Rotary Diaphragms.
The outside dimensions of this camera when closed are 7 in. long, 5 3/4 in. wide and 6 in. high. It weighs only 3 1/2 lbs.

Price, including one holder with single lens, as described above, $15.00.
The same, with double combination lens, $20.00.

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