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Brownie Camera (Original)

The Brownie Camera was manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company beginning in February 1900 and ended in October of 1901. This camera represented the pinnacle of Eastman's efforts to construct an inexpensive, easy to use camera for the masses even young people. It was constructed of cardboard and covered with leatherette. A wood film insert provided the necessary strength to transport the film. The back was removed simply by sliding the back, "box lid type" off, which proved to be a poor design and was changed with the first upgrade. This camera introduced the capable of capturing 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inch exposures on a newly introduced no. 117 roll film. It was fitted with a fixed-focus meniscus lens and a snap shot rotary shutter. The big selling point about this camera was that it was priced at $1.00. The view finder was a "V" marked on the top of the camera like with the original Kodak. Towards the end of production Eastman introduced an optional clip on view finder as an accessory.

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