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Cycle Poco by Rochester Camera Mfg. Co


The original Cycle Poco was manufactured by the Rochester Camera Mfg. Co. beginning in 1895 through approximately 1899. Designed for cyclist as an extremely compact camera. The camera was constructed of a solid mahogany box dovetailed and highly polished. Is was covered with the best seal grain leather with an accompanying leather handle, polished and lacquered brass metal hardware, and High quality red russian leather bellows lined with gossamer cloth. The back featured a spring actuated ground glass to hold plates with a panel for focusing. The front featured a strong metal post design that provided a rising and falling adjustment. A rack and pinion focusing extended the bellows after manual locking. One tripod sockets was provided to mount on a cycle. along with a reversible view finder. The lens was Poco with later models found with the common unicum shutter. Available in 4 x 5 size.

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