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1901 The Evolution of the Camera

E-copy in PDF Format of Original article from "Munseys" magazine, vol. 25 no.5, August 1901. The article is entitled "The Evolution of the Camera" by W.I. Lincoln Adams.

W. I. Lincoln Adams, was a signifacnt author on photography at the turn of the century. He was the son of Washington Irving Adams who the president of the Scovill and Adams company who is credited with inventing one of the, if not the first amateur cameras in America in 1881 which sold for $10 dollars. W. I. Lincoln Adams, was the editor of Scovills Photgraphic Times, The Amateur Photographer" and also wrote, Sunlight and Shadow, In Nature's Image, Woodland and Meadow, Photographing in Old England. W.I. Lincoln Adams organized the Goodwin Film and Camera Co. and aided in the organization of Ansco. This article is from Munsey’s Magazine, 10˘.

CLICK HERE to read his historical ebook in PDF format.

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