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Is one of the most recent improvements in detective cameras, and combines practicability, portability and simplicity. This camera has the appearance of a plain, neatly, covered leather case with handle, such as might, be carried by a surgeon or electrician. It is so arranged that, by raising the lid of carrying case, the operator focuses his view on a ground glass placed at right angles to and above the lens.

This ground glass being a permanent fixture, and not having to be removed to make room for the plate holder, affords the opportunity of studying a composition for instantaneous work, which is afforded by no other detective camera, as the bolder may be inserted, the slide drawn and the exposure made, with the image constantly visible on the ground glass up to the instant of exposing. The focus is adjusted by movement of a lever, which projects through the carrying case, and may be instantly manipulated. The shutter is worked in the same manner by another lever Dear the focusing arrangement. This camera may also be used without raising the lid, as it has, besides the focusing arrangement mentioned, a rigid finder similar to that used on ordinary detective cameras. The shutter revolves behind the lens, and may be worked for either time or instantaneous exposures. The camera box is provided with spring lock a-ad key, which make it secure against accidents from unskillful hands, and the entire mechanism may be readily removed from the carrying case and as readily replaced, thus affording opportunity to clean the lens or change diaphragms of same. Prices, with Instantaneous Rectilinear lens and two double holders:

3 1/4 x 4 1/4 .$60 00
4 x5 .. ........................ $65 00
5 x 7 ...........................$100 00

From an 1889 E. and H. T. Anthony Catalogue.

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