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Hicro Color Camera (original version)

Photo Courtesy of Peter kitchingman - © All Rights Reserved

The Hicro color camera was designed and marketed by the Hess-Ives corporation in circa 1915. The camera was manufactured by the Hawkeye Division of Eastman Kodak. This was one of the first production attempts to mass market a one shot color camera making multiple exposures and an accompanying printing system. Through the use of color filters, the camera would create three color separation negatives, which then can be printed to create a color photograph.

The camera was constructed of wood and covered in leather. It included a ground glass focusing back and accepted a Tripack film pack for making 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch exposures. It was fitted with a meniscus lens and a simple Wollensak Ultro shutter providing three speeds of Instant, Bulb and Time with aperture setting f16, f32, f64, f128. Later versions had an information plate under the handle on the left.

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