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Brownie Starmatic II Camera

Photo Courtesy of Graustark - © All Rights Reserved

The Brownie Starmatic II Camera was manufactured by the Eastman Kodak company from 1961 to 1963. It was similar to the The Brownie Starmatic except it was made with a fast f8 lens, had two shutter speeds and was styled in a two-tone grey color. It was made of plastic with a built-in eye-level view finder and built-in automatic meter. It was capable of capturing twelve 4 x 4 cm exposures on number 127 Kodacolor or Ektachrome roll film. It was fitted with a fixed focus three element f8 lens and a rotary snap-shot shutter. It featured double exposure protection, extra bright eye-level view finder, manual exposure control for flash pictures, and synchronized flash. Originally priced at approximately $34.95.

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