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Thornward Premium Compact Cameras

The Premium Compact Cameras are beautiful representatives of the hand camera. All are made of first quality materials and are of superior workmanship. The boxes are covered with fine grain tastefully tooled Keratol and supplied with leather handle for carrying. Bellows are of fine red morocco or satin. All beds and other exposed woodwork are of highly polished mahogany, and brasswork is polished and lacquered or nickel- in beautiful contrast to the woodwork, the whole presenting an extremely handsome appearance. All backs are spring actuated and recede to allow insertion of the plate holder, and all styles are suitable for use in the hand, for either time or instantaneous exposures, or on a tripod for regular viewing. In the plate holders glass plates or cut films in holders may be used.

The Compact is a popular form of the folding camera. In their construction great compactness is secured and much weight saved, without in any way sacrificing that prime essential in camera construction—viz.: rigidity

The Premium Compact Camera can be carried on the frame of the wheel by means of our Bicycle Camera Carrier. All the styles are fitted with tripod plates fitting our Bicycle Clamp (see K2400), which can be attached to the handle bar, being made to serve as a tripod. The size 4x5 Compact measures when closed about 21/8x51/2x6 inches and weighs about 30 ounces. Larger sizes proportionately larger and heavier.

In the Thornward Premium Compact Cameras we present the best camera equipment of its class on the market. We have applied to three styles (6, 8 and 10) of this camera the rising and falling front and rack and pinion. To two styles (8 and 10) we have applied additionally the swing back. These adjustments are usually applied to high-price cameras only. In purchasing a Premium the buyer is assured of better value for the money expended than he can possibly obtain elsewhere.

The Shutter is the new Wollensak single valve, automatic, which is always "set." It works by means of either finger or pneumatic bulb and tube release. It provides for either time, bulb or instantaneous exposures, and is fitted with Iris diaphragms.

The Lens applied to styles 4, 6 and 8 is a high grade double combination, perfectly achromatic, giving excellent definition, combined with great depth of focus and flatness of field. It covers the plate to the extreme edge. To style 10 we apply the Bausch & Lomb Unicum Double Valve Shutter, handsomely finished and neat in appearance It has finger and pneumatic release. It works for instantaneous exposures automatically at 1/100, 1/75, 1/50, 1/25, 1/10, 1/5, 1/2 and 1 second. Bulb exposures can be made as long as desired, one pressure of the bulb opening shutter, releasing pressure closing it. For time exposures, one pressure of the bulb opens the shutter, a second pressure closes it. The Lens applied to style 10 is a double combination rapid rectilinear, possessing great covering capacity, speed and depth of focus.

The View Finder of all styles is reversible. Its purpose is to give an exact reproduction, of miniature size of the view as it will appear on the plate.

The Plate holder provided is our regular Thornward double holder.

The camera boxes are fitted with tripod plates which accommodate the screws of our regular tripods, and on each bed is fitted an- accurate focusing scale for use in making "snap shot" pictures.

The instructions furnished are so explicit that any man, woman or child of ordinary intelligence can soon acquire the knowledge necessary to properly operate the camera, expose and develop the plate, and print and finish the picture.

With each camera we furnish a neat carrying ease, the camera occupying one end of the ease, while in the other end can' be carried extra plate holders or a roll holder. Prices include camera complete, carrying ease and one plate holder.

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