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London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co. Camera Listing

In 1854 The London Stereoscope Company was established at 54 Cheapside by George Swann Nottage as the founder and managing partner. Howard John Kennard may have ... (read more)

CLICK HERE for an icon list of London Stereoscopic Cameras.

Artist Hand Camera
Artist Reflex Camera
Artist Tropical Reflex Camera
Artist Stereo Hand Camera
Binocular Hand Camera
Binocular Daylight Camera
Carlton Hand camera
Carlton Twin Lens
Cyclist Binocular
Dispatch Detective Camera
Focal Plane Standard
King's Own
Marlboro Camera
Photo Stereo Binocular
Postcard Camera
Regent Focal Plane Camera
Regent Hand Camera
Regent No. 1
Regent No. 2
Regent No. 3
Regent No. 4
Regent No. 5
Regent No. 7
Royal Box camera
Royal Stereo Camera
Royal Standard
Special Camera
Sports Camera
Standard Folding Hand Camera
Stereo & Panoramic Camera
Tropical Camera
Twin Lens Artist Camera

Click Here for a history of the London Stereoscopic Company

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