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Seneca Camera Mfg. Co. Camera Listing

The Seneca Camera manufacturing Company was formed in 1895. In 1899 the company was incorporated by three business men, Frank T. Day as president, William C. Whitlock as the ... (read more)

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Baby Film Seneca
Film Seneca Style C
Film Seneca Style D
No.2 & 2A Scout Camera
No.3 & 3A Scout Camera
Junior Seneca
Senior Seneca
Seneca Box Film Camera

Black Beauty
Busy Bee
No. 1 Seneca
No. 2 Seneca
No. 3 Seneca
No. 4 Seneca
No. 5 Seneca
No. 6 Seneca
No. 7 Seneca
No. 8 Seneca
No. 9 Seneca

Chief Seneca 1A
Deluxe Seneca
Film Seneca Style F
Film Seneca Style H
Folding Pocket Senco No. 1
Folding Pocket Senco No. 1A
Folding Pocket Senco No. 3
Folding Pocket Senco No. 3A
Folding Pocket Special Senco
Folding Scout Camera
No. 1 Seneca Junior
Pocket Seneca No. 29
Pocket Seneca No. 30
Pocket Seneca No. 31
Pocket Seneca No. 32
Seneca Special Plate Camera

Seneca Stereo, Style A
Seneca Stereo, Style B

Press Seneca Camera

Military Vest Pocket
Seneca Vest Pocket

Camera City View, Seneca Studio Camera
Competitor View
New Improved View Camera
Seneca Penny Picture
Seneca View Camera

CLICK HERE for historical information on the Seneca Camera Company

CLICK HERE for a Summary of Seneca Camera Manufacturing Dates

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