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Stereo Binocular Camera by Watson & Sons

The Stereoscopic Binocular Camera was manufactured by the W. Watson & Sons Ltd. company from approximately 1899 to 1910. Designed to look like a binocular or field glasses, this detective camera, despite looking like a pair of binoculars, took photographs from the side of the binoculars.

The camera is made entirely out of metal, and therefore is resistant to even the harshest climates. It was able to capture 2 x 4 1/4 inch exposures on glass plates. Twelve plates were able to be carried in the changing box which happened to be one of the tubes of the camera. By obscuring one of the lenses, twenty-four individual pictures may be captured. The finder is located in the eye piece of the binocular and when in use, one holds it to the eyes in the ordinary way. However the view and the picture being made at right angles to the direction in which the photographer is ostensibly looking.

It is fitted with a pair of rapid rectilinear lens and the shutter provides instantaneous speeds from 1/25th to 1/80th of a second, in addition to time exposure.

The Stereoscopic Binocular Camera sold for £11 11s 0d. If upgraded lenses were desired, the camera could have been purchased with a matched pair of Zeiss lens at a cost of £18 0s 0d.

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