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Watson's Detective Camera

datasheet_loginWatson's Detective Camera was manufactured by W. Watson & sons from 1884 to approximately 1890. Advertised as being perfectly efficient and perfectly unobtrusive. Designed to look like a dispatch box with leather covering. A bellows camera is neatly placed inside with only an opening for the lens, viewer and trigger. The bellows camera could be removed and used as a regular camera. A reflector in the lid allows the operator to see what is on the plate during exposure. Watson's detective camera was made in to sizes a quarter plate 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch or a 5 x 4 inch size. It was able to hold six plates. The lens was a rapid rectilinear with an instantaneous shutter. The quarter plate camera sold for £10 10s 0d and £12 10s for the 5 x 4 size. Eastman's roll film holder was adaptable to this camera.

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