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Monocular Detective Camera by Watson & Sons

The Monocular Detective Camera was manufactured by W. Watson & Sons Ltd from approximately 1908 to 1914. Advertised as an ideal apparatus for travelers which can be used in places were an ordinary camera cannot be used. The camera takes the picture at a right angle on the side. When looking through the optical viewfinder fitted to eyepiece, it would appear that the photographer is looking through a field glass and the subject would not be unaware that the picture is taken at a right angle to the eyepiece. Constructed of metal with leatherette covering and nickel plated hardware. Fitted with a Cooke lens F.4.5, or later models with a Watson Holostigmat f6 lens, and has automatic focussing adjustment for all distances. The camera takes 2 3/8 x 1 3/4 inch exposures and measures 70 mm x 60 mm x 110 mm. Originally priced at £7 10s 0d.

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