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Dainty Camera by Watson & Sons

datasheet_loginThe Dainty Camera was manufactured by the W. Watson & Sons company from approximately 1910 to 1917. Designed as a small pocket camera for quarter plate exposures, measuring only 6 x 4 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches. The body of the camera was constructed of mahogany, leather covered and the base is made of aluminum. Early models are identified by the mahogany body and front standard being designed with rods and later models the body was made of aluminum and the front was shaped like a U as an improvement for rigidity. Features included a rising falling and cross swing front, double extension bellows with rack and pinion focusing. Fitted with either a Aplanat or Holostigmat series I lens and an exceeding thin sector shutter, providing time and instantaneous movement. The focusing screen with divided scales is provided with a leather collapsible hood to shield the image from light during alignment. The view level finder springs into position when the camera is opened and closes automatically when shut up. The Dainty camera was priced at £5 5 0 with the Aplanat lens and £5 15 0 with the Holostigmat lens.

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