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Watson's Combination Studio Apparatus

The Combination Studio Apparatus was manufactured by the W. Watson & Sons company in circa 1910. Made of seasoned mahogany with leather bellows and fit for any climate. Capable of taking exposures on either 12 by 12 inch or 15 by 15 inch glass plates. The base of the camera and the top of the stand are screwed permanently to each other so that absolute rigidity and freedom from vibration are ensured. Features included a rising and falling front, horizontal and vertical swing to the back, fine adjustment by rack and pinion, and a separate glass frame for focusing. The stand was 3 foot, 7 inches tall and could be racked down to 2 foot, 6 inches. The mahogany camera and stand sold for £28 10 0 for the 12 by 12 and £31 10 0 for the 15 by 15.

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