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Perken: "Optimus" Ubique Improved Hand Camera

Manufacture: Perken, Son & Rayment
Location: London, England
Model: "Optimus" Ubique Improved Hand Camera
Production Dates: c1888
Film: Plate

Snap Shots Landscapes and Portraits.

With " OPTIMUS " Rapid View LENS 55
With " OPTIMUS " Rapid Rectilinear LENS 80
With " OPTIMUS " Extra Rapid Euryscope LENS 100

- The above Camera fitted with Rising Front,
Also with Horizontal and Vertical Swing Back 15 EXTRA

- Extra for Kodak new Cartridge Roll Holder fitted 35/-

Extract from The British Journal Photographic Almanac
"Since our last reference to this little instrument, two important improvements have been added to it, viz: an arrangement for swinging the back, in either the horizontal or the vertical positions, and a rising and falling front. This hand camera includes rack and pinion focussing adjustment (actuated outside), and a ground glass screen, an "Optimus" rapid lens, roller blind shutter, and three double dark slides. As all are enclosed within the camera, it is self-contained. Two threaded nuts are fitted, which receive screws for attachment to a tripod allowing either the vertical or horizontal positions. The camera being so small, it may be conveniently held in the hand."

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