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Ray No. 7 Camera

Manufacture: Ray Camera Company
Location: Rochester, N.Y.
Model: Long focus Reversible back
Category: Folding Camera
Production Dates: c1899
Film: Plate

Description: The Long Focus
Reversible Back camera possesses some distinctly new features not obtained in any other camera on the market, and is especially designed for convertible anastigmat or high grade lenses with variable focus. It is constructed with an auxiliary bed which can be racked out over the ordinary bed to almost its entire length, giving a variation of focus in the 4 x 5 size
of from 4 1/2 to 12 inches, and in the 5 x 7 size from 5 to 15 inches.

The Auxiliary Bed is made of aluminum so formed as to make it extremely rigid, and its highly polished surface, in contrast with the polished and lacquered brass, and mahogany finish, makes it an extremely attractive and elegantly finished camera.

The other feature is the Reversible Back, by means of which pictures can be taken vertically or horizontally without changing the position of the camera on the tripod. It is also provided with swing back, rising and sliding front, and everything that constitutes the highest grade of camera.

4 x 5
5 x 76 1/2 x 8 1/2
8 x 10
Unicom shutter, Rapid symmetrical lens
Extra lens boards
Ray double plate holders, extra
Wide Angle lens
Daylight loading roll holders$5.00$6.50


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