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Ray C Camera

datasheet_loginManufacture: Ray Camera Company
Location: Rochester, N.Y.
Model: Ray C Camera
Category: Box Camera
Item No.: N/A

Production Dates: c1899
Film: Plate
Lens: Rotary diaphram.

Description: We are pleased to say that we believe the hearts of the beginners have been touched by the superb line of Ray Hand Cameras and the moderate prices that have rendered it possible to obtain them, and in our Ray C Camera the ambition of the amateur beginner is fully realized. It makes a picture 4 x 5 inches, one of the most Popular sizes ; has a capacity of three double plate holders, holding six plates.

The Ray C has the finest lens that can be made for a universal camera giving fine definition and depth of focus and a glance at this instrument will prove it to be superior to any 4 x 5 universal focus camera made. Made of the best seasoned material; handsomely covered with seal grain leather; embossed leather handle ; patent rotary shutter for time or instantaneous exposures, with speed adjustment ; vertical and horizontal view finders; two tripod sockets; improved single Meniscus lens; revolving diaphragm with three stops, and patent multiplying device. Size of camera, 51 x 63 x 73 inches; weight, 1 3/4 pounds.

Reference Price for: 1895

RAY C...With one double holder...$5.00

Rochester double holders, extra,...$0.50

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