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Ray Stereo Camera

Manufacture: Ray Camera Company
Location: Rochester, N.Y.
Model: Stereo Camera
Category: Folding Camera
Production Dates: c1899
Film: Plate

Description: This branch of photography has always been very popular and israpidly gaining in favor among the amateurs as well as professionals.

We offer here a stereo camera that is greatly improved over the old styles, and is acknowldged to be the favorite. It is constructed practically the same as our series No. 3, except the bellows and front are made wider to accomodate the stereo shutter. If 5x7 pictures are desired, the bellows partition can be easily removed, and a 5x7 lens and shutter with extra lens board can be supplied to fit.

Reference Price for 1900

Series 3, 5x7 stereo camera, lens and shutter complete, with leather carying case and one Ray double holder.....$60.00

Extra lens boards...$0.50

Unicom shutter and rapid symmetrical lens, extra...$15.00

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