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Ray Special Camera

Manufacture: Ray Camera Company
Location: Rochester, N.Y.
Model: Special Camera
Category: folding Camera
Item No.: N/A

Production Dates: c1900
Film: Plate
Lens: Rotary diaphragm.

Description: This camera combines all the elements of desirability, practicability, value, and low cost, and has been especially designed for a large number who desire a folding camera at a moderate price.

It takes a picture 4 x 5 inches, made in cycle folding style, and is very compact ; best material only is used in its construction, and covered with genuine seal grain leather; equipped with a very fine achromatic lens of an improved Meniscus type; time and instantaneous shutter; reversible view finder; focusing scale; Ray workmanship throughout.

Reference Price for: 1900

Special Complete with carrying case and one double holder...$7.00

Ray double holders, each, extra...$1.00

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