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Ray no. 1 Camera

Manufacture: Ray Camera Company
Location: Rochester, N.Y.
Model: No.1 Tourist or Cycle Camera
Category: folding Camera
Item No.: N/A

Production Dates: c1899
Film: Plate

Description: The unparalleled success we have met with in the manufacture and sale of this style of camera during the past year, and the unsolicited testimonials we have received in regard to their merits verifies our statement when we say that for a simple, practical folding camera, constructed of as few parts as possible, of the best material and finest workmanship, it is without an equal, and is positively the best value for the money on the market. The parts are simple, strong, handsome, and durable, without any attachments confusing to the beginner, making it in all a most durable instrument for the prospective amateur.

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