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  Ray Camera Company

The Ray Camera Company was founded by Albert Mutschler and John A. Robertson in 1884. the original company was named the "Mutschler and Roberson Company". Mutschler was a tool maker by trade and Robertson was a foreman at a photo materials company. the two began making Ray cameras om 1896. The business grew with great success, and the men attributed this to "careful and particular attention to both material and workmanship, resulting in a perfect combination of quality, appearance, and results" In 1898 the two men moved their business to a new building and renamed the company to the " Ray Camera Company". Then in 1899, five Rochester camera companies merged including the Ray camera company to form the new Rochester Optical & Camera Company. The five companies were, the Rochester Optical Co., the Rochester Camera Mfg. Co., The Ray Company, the Western Camera Mfg. Co., and the Monroe camera Co.. Both Robertson and Mutschler worked for the new RO&C company, but in 1903 Mutschler returned to work as a machinist. Robertson stayed on to become a vice president. The RO&C co. would later change its name to the Rochester optical company in 1903 when George Eastman Purchased the company, then to the Rochester Optical Div of EKC from 1907 to 1917. Where at that time the name was completely changed to the Eastman Kodak Company.

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