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Pickwick Camera from Benetfink

The Pickwick Camera was sold by the Benetfink and Company Ltd. photo supply depot in circa 1898. A tradisonal english camera constructed of polished Walnut wood. the Pickwick featured a wide angle movement, double extension front adjusted by a rack and pinion mechanism. The bellows were made of real leather. The back was reversible and provided swing with a ground glass focusing screen. Two sizes were available including a quarter plate and a half plate. This camera was priced at 37s 6p for the quarter plate size and 48 for the half plate. Lens and shutter were sold separately. The Wickpick camera sets included a either a single achromatic lens with rotating diaphragms and a time and instantaneous shutter or a Rapid Rectilinear lens and a Thornton-Pickard shutter.

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