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Flash Hand Camera from Benetfink

The Flash Hand Camera was sold by the Benetfink and Company Ltd. photo supply depot in circa 1900. Designed as a simple to use magazine hand camera that was capable of carrying twelve plates with one loading. The changing mechanism provided an exposure count indicator. Fitted with a fixed focus archromatic lens with revolving stops. A vertical and horizontal view finder with collapsible hoods is inculded as well as two tripod sockets. The shutter provided time and instantaneous action with a speed regulator.

Three models were made with slight variations in features. Model No. 1 is described above and depicted in our illustration. Model No. 2 added three magnifiers to provide a wider range of focusing work and the No. 3 model provided in addition to the three magnifiers, a upgraded rapid rectilinear lens. The camera measured 9 x 4 x 7 inches. The No. 1 sold for 18s 6p, No. 2 was 23s 6p and the No. 3 was 42s.

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