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Archer & Sons, Manufacturing Opticians Co.

The firm of W. F. Archer was established in 1848 on South Castle street in Liverppol. It is presumed that the initial business was focused on optical devices, as they were later identified in ads as manufacturing opticians.

In the early 1880s, W. F. Archer included his three sons in the business and changed the firms name. Archer & Sons became known for their high quality, oil and lime light, Optical Lanterns. They were acknowledged in the British Journal of photography in 1884 and 85 to be superior to all others. They received metals from the Liverpool International Exhibition in 1886 and Photographic Exhibition in 1888.

In 1888 they were located at 43 Lord St. Liverpool, England.

In the 1890s several ads appeared for cameras of their manufacture. The first being the Archer combined camera. The later ads indicate that they were located at 73 Lord St. Liverpool, England. During this time period Archer & Sons, was also an agent for W. Tyler cameras.

In 1898/9 they were located at 43 to 45 Lord St. Liverpool, England. The business at this time was being run by the eldest son W. J. Archer. In this year they took over the business of Wood Brothers of 73 Lord street, and Wormald's s specialties were handled by them.

The last reference found is an 1903 ad for the Automat folding hand camera.

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