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Perken : "Optimus" Lynx Magazine Hand Camera

Manufacture: Perken, Son & Rayment
Location: London, England
Model: "Optimus" Lynx Magazine Hand Camera
Production Dates: c1898
Film: Plate

Description: Carries 12 dry plates 4 1/4 by 3 1/4 inches. This Magazine Hand Camera has a very certain and expeditious mode of changing the plates, which is accomplished by one simple movement. An arrangement is provided for conting and recording the number of plates exposed. the Camera is fitted with an achromatic lens with rotating form of diaphragms and a shutter wich gives exposures of either long or short duration, as may be desired. It is strong, light, ad compact, and beig covered with black leather, forms a neat and efficient instrument.

Price for 1898 28 6s
If fitted wit a rapid rectilinear, with iris diaphragms and focal adjustment 60.

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