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Century Universal Studio Outfit


The Century Universal Studio Outfit was manufactured by the Century Camera Company from approximately 1900 to 1907.

The Century Grand Portrait camera No. 2 (8 x 10 or 11 x 14 inches) is made of the finest mahogany and cherry highly polished. The metal is lacquered brass. The camera has vertical and horizontal swings operated by worm screw and sector. An automatic cabinet attachment can be readied in place by swinging the focusing screen around at the side of the camera, a double action hinge allowing the screen to be entirely swung out of the way.

It is mounted on a Century Semi-Centennial stand which can be elevated to 49 inches or depressed to within 14 inches of the floor. The back of the stand can be raised or lowered by turning a conveniently located handle. The tilting device is positive in action and self locking. The 8 x 10 Century Universal Studio Outfit was originally priced at $117 and the 11 x 14 was originally priced at $154.00.

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