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Long Focus Century Grand Special

datasheet_loginThe Long Focus Century Grand Special was manufactured in circa 1902. This camera was the same as the Long Focus Century Grand except, for the lens shutter and carrying case. The optional lens/ Shutter combinations included: Goerz double anastigmat Series III, Collinear series II, Baush & Lomb Plastigmat or a Zeiss convertible series VIIa. Two options were available for the shutter selection including a Baush & Lomb Diaphragm or a Goerz Sector shutter.

Constructed of mahogany, brass fittings covered in leather. It has rack and pinion movements for rise and fall of front and vertical and horizontal swings an automatic clamp for holding the front board rigid at any desired position on the bed. A drop panel allows ready access to the ground glass and an improved method of adjusting the ground glass making it easy of replacement. Several improvements are also noted in the bellows one being the absence of sharp corners which adds to their durability. The 5 x 7 was originally priced from 108.50 to 131.00 based on lens selection. The 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 was originally priced from 147.50 to 187.00 based on lens selection.

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